Community Services Building
440 Civic Center Plaza
Richmond, CA 94804
  • Eduardo Martinez, Mayor at Large
  • Melvin Willis, Councilmember District 1
  • Cesar Zepeda, Councilmember District 2
  • Doria Robinson, Councilmember District 3
  • Soheila Bana, Councilmember District 4
  • Gayle McLaughlin, Vice Mayor, District 5
  • Claudia Jimenez, Councilmember District 6



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  1. KCRT – Comcast Channel 28 or AT&T Uverse Channel 99
  2. Livestream online at




In Person: Anyone who desires to address the City Council on items appearing on the agenda, including Open Forum, must complete and file a pink speaker’s card with the City Clerk prior to the City Council’s consideration of the item.  Once the City Clerk has announced the item, no person shall be permitted to speak on the item other than those persons who have submitted their names to the City Clerk.  Each speaker will be allowed up to TWO (2) MINUTES to address the City Council on NON-PUBLIC HEARING items listed on the agenda. Speakers are allowed up to THREE (3) minutes on PUBLIC HEARING items.


Via Zoom: Anyone who desires to address the City Council on items appearing on the agenda, including Open Forum, must raise their hand once public comment is open.  The public speakers attending in person will be called first, followed by Zoom participants.  Only those public speakers that have their hand raised once the speakers are called will be recognized.


Open Session and City Council: Please click the link below to join the webinar:


Passcode: ccmeeting


By iPhone one-tap:  US: +16699006833,,99312205643#  or +13462487799,,99312205643# 

By Telephone:   Dial (for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):  US: +1 669 900 6833 or +1 346 248 7799 or +1 253 215 8782 or +1 312 626 6799 or +1 929 205 6099 or +1 301 715 8592 


Webinar ID: 993 1220 5643


International numbers available:


To comment by video conference: click on the Participants button at the bottom of your screen and select the “Raise Your Hand” button to request to speak when Public Comment is being asked for. When called upon, press the unmute button. After the allotted time, you will then be re-muted.  **


To comment by phone: you will be prompted to “Raise Your Hand” by pressing “*9” to request to speak when Public Comment is asked for. When called upon, you will be asked to unmuted by pressing *6.  After the allotted time, you will then be re-muted. Instructions of how to raise your hand by phone are available at: -Joining-a-meeting-by-phone. **


**The mayor will announce the agenda item number and open public comment when appropriate. 


Via mail: received by 1:00 p.m. the day of the meeting, sent to 450 Civic Center Plaza, 3rd Floor, Office of the Clerk, Richmond, CA 94804.


Via eComments: eComments are available once an agenda is published. Locate the meeting in "upcoming meetings" and click the comment bubble icon. Click on the item you wish to comment on. eComments can be submitted when the agenda is published and until the conclusion of public comments for the agenda item. Email your comment to [email protected] should you have difficulty submitting an eComment during a meeting.


Via email: to [email protected] by 1:00 p.m. the day of the meeting.

Emails MUST contain in the subject line 1) public comments – Open Session prior to Closed Session; 2) public comments – Open Forum; or 3) public comments agenda item #__ [include the agenda item number]. 


Properly labeled public comments will be considered a public record, put into the official meeting record, available after the meeting as supplemental materials, and will be posted as an attachment to the meeting minutes when the minutes are posted:


The City cannot guarantee that its network and/or the site will be uninterrupted. To ensure that the City Council receives your comments, you are strongly encouraged to submit your comments in writing in advance of the meeting.


Procedures for Removing Items from the Consent Calendar: Members of the public who request to remove an item from the consent calendar must first discuss the item with a staff member by phone or a back-and-forth email discussion, and state the name of the staff member when requesting removal of the item from the consent calendar (by 2 p.m. the day of the meeting).


Any member of the City Council who would like to remove an item from the consent calendar must notify the appropriate staff person and the City Clerk’s Office prior to the meeting. Although members of the City Council are encouraged to ask questions and share concerns with staff ahead of the meeting, they are not required to do so.


The Clerk’s Office must be informed of any requests to remove items from the Consent Calendar. Items removed from the Consent Calendar shall be placed at the end of the agenda for consideration.


CONDUCT AT MEETINGS:  Richmond City Council meetings are limited public forums during which the City strives to provide an open, safe atmosphere and promote robust public debate. Members of the public, however, must comply with state law, as well as the City’s laws and procedures and may not actually disrupt the orderly conduct of these meetings. The public, for example, may not shout or use amplifying devices, must submit comment cards and speak during their allotted time, may not create a physical disturbance, may not speak on matters unrelated to issues within the jurisdiction of the City Council or the agenda item at hand, and may not cause immediate threats to public safety.


Click here for City Harassment Policy


Accessibility for Individuals with Disabilities:  Upon request, the City will provide for written agenda materials in appropriate alternative formats, or disability-related modification or accommodation, including auxiliary aids or services and sign language interpreters, to enable individuals with disabilities to participate in and provide comments at/related to public meetings. Please submit a request, including your name, phone number and/or email address, and a description of the modification, accommodation, auxiliary aid, service or alternative format requested at least two days before the meeting.  Requests should be emailed to [email protected] or submitted by phone at 510-620-6513, ext. 9, or 510-620-6509.  Requests made by mail to City Clerk’s Office, City Council meeting, 450 Civic Center Plaza, Richmond, CA 94804 must be received at least two days before the meeting. Requests will be granted whenever possible and resolved in favor of accessibility.


Unless otherwise noted in an agenda description, all actions taken by the Council include a determination that CEQA does not apply (i.e., the action is not a project and therefore exempt from CEQA).


Disclaimer:  The City Clerk's Office translates agendas to enhance public access.  Translated agendas are provided as a courtesy and do not constitute legal notice of the meeting or items to be discussed.  In case of discrepancy, the English agenda will prevail.








CONFERENCE WITH LEGAL COUNSEL - ANTICIPATED LITIGATION (Significant exposure to litigation pursuant to paragraph (2) or (3) of Subdivision (d) [as applicable] of Government Code Section 54956.9)

  • One case

CONFERENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATORS (Government Code Section 54957.6)

  • Agency Representatives: Sharrone Taylor and Jack Hughes

Employee organizations:
1.    SEIU Local 1021 Full Time Unit and Part Time Unit
2.    IFPTE Local 21 Mid-Level Management Unit and Executive Management Units
3.    Richmond Police Officers Association RPOA
4.    Richmond Police Management Association RPMA
5.    IAFF Local 188
6.    Richmond Fire Management Association RFMA

CONFERENCE WITH LEGAL COUNSEL - ANTICIPATED LITIGATION (initiation of litigation pursuant to paragraph (4) of Subdivision (d) of Government Code Section 54956.9)

  • One Case


  • Property: 222 Marina Way (Nystrom Village)
    Agency Negotiators: Nannette Beacham, Gabino Arredondo, Susan Bloch 
    Negotiating Parties: McCormack Baron Salazar (MBS) and Richmond Neighborhood Housing Services (RNHS)
    Under negotiation: Price and terms of payment




6:30 p.m.











(public comment on items that remain on the Consent Calendar or items not on the agenda - limited to 2 minutes unless otherwise specified - Back and forth dialogue with the Council is prohibited)



(All items placed under the Consent Calendar are considered to be routine and noncontroversial. These items will be enacted upon together with a motion and second, without discussion, of any member of the City Council, and each item shall be deemed to have received the action recommended.)


  • APPROVE the cancellation of the November 21, 2023, Regular City Council meeting - City Clerk’s Office (Pamela Christian 510-620-6513).


  • DIRECT staff to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) before the end of the calendar year to consider establishing an Arts District, which includes outreach to businesses, residents, and stakeholders to build community - Councilmembers Claudia Jimenez (510-620-6565), Melvin Willis (510-412-2050), and Cesar Zepeda (510-620-6593). 


  • ADOPT a resolution amending the City’s salary schedule to implement agreed upon changes from the classification and compensation study; and ADOPT a resolution with corresponding necessary modifications to position control – Human Resources Department (Sharrone Taylor/Nickie Mastay 510-620-6803).

  • ADOPT a resolution amending the salary schedules for all unions to comply with California Code of Regulations, Subchapter 1, Employees’ Retirement System Regulations section 570.5 (a) (2 CCR § 570.5) for the inclusion of the Richmond Police Management Association salary increase effective January 1, 2023 (13.5%) and Richmond Fire Management Association salary increases that were effective January 1, 2023 (2%) and July 1, 2023 (2%) as required by CalPERS – Human Resources Department (Nickie Mastay/Sharrone Taylor 510-620-6602).

  • APPROVE an appropriation of funds in the amount of $44,000 for Fiscal Year (FY) 2023-24, $48,000 for FY 2024-25, and $50,000 for FY 2025-26, for a total amount not to exceed $142,000 over the next three fiscal years, to establish a Fire Department Wellness Program – Human Resources Department (Nickie Mastay/Sharrone Taylor/Amy Aaronson 510-620-6602).


  • ADOPT a resolution authorizing the execution of a construction contract in accordance with the approved plans and specifications with Northwest Demolition, Inc. for the Santa Rita Road Stabilization Project in an amount not to exceed $715,500; and AUTHORIZE the Director of Public Works to approve change orders, if necessary, for a total twenty percent (20%) contingency amount up to $143,100 – Public Works Department (Daniel Chavarria 510-620-5478/ Ken Cheng 510-621-1612).


  • APPROVE a Resolution affirming Richmond's solidarity with the Palestinian people in Gaza - Mayor’s Office (Mayor Eduardo Martinez 510-620-6503) and Vice Mayor Gayle McLaughlin (510-620-6636).

  • RECEIVE a presentation from Councilmember Bana; and PROVIDE DIRECTION to City staff to develop a funding plan of $1.09 million for wildfire and earthquake safety in November 2023, and return with an additional proposal for appropriations during Mid-Year Fiscal Year 2023-24 Councilmembers Soheila Bana (510-779-7280) and Cesar Zepeda (510-620-6593).


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